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Modesto area personal injury attorney

Are you in need of knowledgeable and professional representation from a Modesto personal injury attorney? Has an unfortunate situation affected you or someone you love? Then put your worries on our shoulders and let us take it from here. Let a personal injury attorney be those shoulders.

We know that things can get overwhelming. Some times you feel in over your head. You need someone who will fight for you just as you would fight for yourself. That is our mission. Accidents can happen. But their ramifications can remain for a long time. Sometimes for a lifetime. Nothing can reverse what has happened. But there are can be a way to make things a little more bearable. What ever that may be, we will work hard to get it for you.



Understanding the concept of personal injury law

A personal injury lawyer has the relevant training and licenses to practice in all areas of the legal profession. However, they tend to lean more towards the practice of the law of torts. Personal injury is in the region of torts and covers those who have suffered emotionally or physically due to acts of negligence perpetuated by other individuals, companies or even government agencies. Some of the cases a personal injury lawyer can handle include slip and fall accidents, work injuries, medical mistakes and negative effects of defective machines. However, this list is not exhaustive as the area of practice is very broad.

Our responsibilities

There are many responsibilities a lawyer has to his clients. In our firm, we take the interaction between lawyer and client as simply more than business. We therefore have a distinct set of duties that the personal injury lawyer owes the client.

Interviewing prospects

There are many claims of personal injuries in Modesto, California. Therefore, there are many citizens seeking representation. It is not always easy to represent them all and not all have valid claims. A good lawyer has to listen to claims and determine if there are sufficient grounds for a case. If there is, then the client signs a contract for legal representation. At this point, the lawyer becomes the official representative of the plaintiff.

Interpreting the law

Many Lawyers in Modesto have amassed many years of practice. They therefore have a very deep understanding of the legal profession, which they can share with their clients. The law is very complicated only professionals understand it. As a professional, your lawyer guides you through legal processes whose ultimate goal is to seek compensation for acts of negligence meted against you. They tell you the correct things to say to avoid incrimination as well as preventing the other side from benefiting.

Planning strategy and filing motions

Lawyers know how the court systems work. They go about devising plans of attack. Most times, it involves discrediting the arguments of the other side while strengthening your claims. Personal injury lawyers will need to change their plans of attack from time to time in order to try to win cases. This may require the filings of motions and briefs with the courts in the course of the hearing. It is a very intricate procedure and only the professionals know how to go about it.

Negotiating compensation

Most of us are not lawyers and therefore would have a problem arriving at the correct figures for compensation. This is where a qualified Modesto lawyer comes in. We can look at the case and determine what kind of damage occurred and the effect it has had on you over time. These situations determine how much the defendant is going to pay up. It is important to understand that some personal injury cases settle in court while in others, an out of court settlement suffices.

lawHow do you know when it is time to find a personal injury lawyer?

Not all cases of personal injury have to end in court. The damage to an individual or property is too insignificant to warrant any kind of case in some circumstances. However, we have a guide to help you to know when you need the services of a personal injury lawyer in Modesto, CA.

In the case of accidents

Accidents destroy property, starting from vehicles to property in general. At this point, the insurance companies might enter into the fray and start playing hardball with the idea of settlement. You will therefore need a Modesto car accident lawyer to fight it out with said companies to compel them to provide settlement.

In the case of severe injuries

When the injuries you sustain in an act that some other person has perpetuated out of neglect are significant, you will need a lawyer to argue out the case for you in court. The amount of compensation you get will hinge on the extent of the injuries, the areas of the body affected, the medical bills you have racked up as well as the as the amount of time it took you to recover.

Medical mistakes

If you are a victim of carelessness or an act of neglect by a doctor, you will need to contact us. Most of these mistakes end up causing very serious long-term health challenges. It is therefore better to talk to lawyers. This is because medical malpractice is a complicated area and handling it needs tact. Most of the biggest malpractice cases have had serious implication for the offender as well as closure for the victim.

The law is horribly complex. It gets confusing if your issue is in the area of personal injury. Since it is your health and, possibly, property at stake, you will need to hire a qualified Modesto injury attorney. The reason here is that a professional will know the kind of suit to file, the motions to present as well as the compensation package you receive. Some people make the mistake of representing themselves in court. This is usually a naive tactic because it makes them vulnerable. Note that even seasoned lawyers in Modesto do not represent themselves in cases.

Our services in the city cover a range of areas. If you feel like you would like to file a claim, then get in touch with a Modesto area personal injury attorney and we will be able to give you a way forward.

Divorce Law

family lawA divorce dissolves formally a legal marriage. Whereas married couple’s don’t possess a legal or constitutional right to divorce, states allow divorces because doing so serves public policy. To make sure it specifically serves the interests of public policy, a number of states require “cooling-off period” that prescribes a time period after the legal separation which spouses should bear before they may initiate divorce proceedings.

Courts in the US presently recognize two kinds of divorces: absolute divorce and limited divorce. To get an absolute divorce, courts need some kind of evidentiary showing wrongdoing or misconduct on one partner’s part. This is a judicial termination of some legal marriage. It results in changing back of both spouses’ statutes to single.

Limited divorce is basically referred to as separation decrees. They result in termination of right to cohabitate. But the court will refrain from dissolving officially the marriage. The statuses of the parties remain unchanged. A number of states permit conversion divorce. This transforms legal separation into legal divorce after both concerned parties have been separated for some statutorily-prescribed period of time.

Property Division

Following a divorce case, the court has to decide the property division between the partners. Before divorce laws equalized property allocation between both partners, several divorce statutes favored substantially property allocation to the wage-earning partner. But these greatly disadvantaged women because their participation in workplace was much less when compared to now. These statutes did not consider their contribution as child-raiser and homemaker.

Modern courts recognize two various kinds of property division proceedings-the separate property and the marital property. The latter constitutes any property which spouses acquire jointly or individually during the course of marriage. Separate property, on the other hand, constitute any property one partner possessed or purchased before the marriage, and which did not change in value substantially during the course of the marriage due to efforts of one or both partners. When separate property-owning partner trades the property for another one or he or she sells it, the newly-acquired funds or property in consideration of the sale still remain separate property.

Modern property division statutes strive for equitable marital assets division. This does not necessarily imply equal distribution, but rather allocation which comports with justice and fairness after consideration of the entirety of the circumstances. By equitably dividing the assets, a judge strives to effect the final separation of the couples and to enable both of them begin their post-marital lives with some level of financial self-sufficiency.

Whereas different jurisdictions allow recognition of various factors, majority of courts recognize the following factors: the liabilities of respective parties, contribution to accumulation of marital property, whether one partner received income-producing property and the other did not, the marriage duration, the health and age of respective parties, the employability and earning capacity of respective parties, the worth of each party’s separate property, the retirement and pension rights of each party, whether one party is going to receive child and custodial support provisions, the contributions of each partner as a parent and homemaker, tax consequences of the allocation and whether one partner’s marital conduct was the cause of the divorce. Majority of jurisdictions give also the family court judge jurisdiction through providing judges with right to consider any other type of just and proper factor.

For more information on divorce laws, you can always contact us since the above are just tip of the iceberg. There are much involved as far as divorce law is concerned.

Criminal Law

When it comes to knowing about what criminal law is, there are plenty of crucial aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Criminal law mainly deals with criminal activities that are undertaken against some public authority. It is not similar to the civil law in the sense that civil law applies to crimes that are committed by people against people, which is may not necessarily be considered against the public interest. Murder, for instance, is a criminal activity because it goes directly against the the public, even though there is a specific victim. On the contrary, when someone is not able to abide by a contract, this falls under the umbrella of civil law.

While substantive criminal law encompasses the definitions of different crimes included in the criminal code, the procedural law mainly deals with the prosecution of said criminal activities. Procedural law might also entail sentencing recommendations that are specifically used in case a victim is convicted of a crime. As per many criminal codes, the convictions can only be attained when prosecution is able to prove that, beyond any reasonable doubt, the accused actually did commit a crime.

Criminal code includes three major kinds of crimes: misdemeanors, felonies, and treason. Treason is of major concern, as it not only goes against the public interest, but also violates the national security and welfare. This is the chief reason as to why treason leads to such severe punishments, such as death sentence. While misdemeanors are considered relatively minor crimes, felonies carry more serious repercussions, including severe mandatory sentences.

In every country, the primary objective of having criminal code is to discourage criminals from committing crimes that violate the interests of the public as well as the nation. That is why deterrence is considered to be the major facet of criminal code. Considering the fact that it is not realistically possible to bring the crime rate to absolute zero, the code contains considerable provisions that ensure proper management of criminals. The rehabilitation of those who commit crimes is an example of it. Measures that are designed for a particular type of punishment are an essential part of law, thereby warning people about the consequences of a criminal activity. Moreover, for certain forms of crime, restitution may be built into law to the victims and their family.

Criminal law is employed all across the globe to ensure that citizens are bound to follow some fundamental codes of conduct. Likewise, it acts as the basis of a sound legal system. Whether they are defenders, or prosecutors, certain lawyers acquire specialization in criminal matters. Also, criminal law provides the foundation for police, courts, and other entities of the legal system to function properly. With that being said, knowing about various important aspects of criminal code is essential, especially for a good lawyer. However, having basic information is crucial for citizens as well. This knowledge will not only prevent from committing a crime, but will also guide them better when they are in need of legal support.


Health Law

health care symbolProviding proper medical care is a core duty of any state. Over the years, the health law has undergone numerous changes. Health law has to do with the regulation of public health, general healthcare, and the conduct of medical practitioners. In addition the health law also ensures you are protected from insurance providers.

Some American citizens do not get access to quality healthcare due to ignorance. As professional lawyers, we are committed to ensuring we enlighten you on everything you need to know about the health law. We go a notch higher to help you, if you need legal representation in cases related to health care.



The importance of having a lawyer when contemplating a healthcare lawsuit

A lawyer has a solid understanding of the health law

Since this is their field of study, a lawyer takes time to study the health law and any adjustments that have been made to it. As a citizen you may only have a basic understanding of the law. That basic knowledge will not be of much help when you are seeking justice from a doctor, health facility or insurance firm.

Help you understand complex medical terms

The healthcare field is characterized by jargon, which can only be understood by specialists in that field. Before receiving treatment you normally sign certain documents either issued by your health insurer or health service provider. Before you file a law suit a lawyer will help you understand complex words used in such documents. This will help you know upfront whether your lawsuit will be valid or not.

Direct you to the right experts to help you know the value of damages 

Every health care case is different. The amount of compensation you deserve can only be determined after a detailed analysis of your situation. Hospitals and insurance firms are experienced in dealing with out of court settlements of medical malpractice compensations. They know what you deserve to be paid, but you do not. This makes you very vulnerable to manipulation. A lawyer will ensure you are not taken advantage of and that you receive the full amount duly owed to you.

Help you identify and deal with the tactics of the defendant

As a client you have suffered, but the insurer or hospital will not easily acknowledge that fact. They will play numerous tricks to make sure they get off the hook. For example, you suffered complications because your health insurer refused to cover your ailment when they actually should have. The insurer will employ endless tactics to justify their reason for doing that. Getting a lawyer who has experience dealing with such cases will save you. Lawyers are able to anticipate the tactics that hospitals, doctors and insurers use to defend themselves. This will prepare you well in advance and enlighten you on what documents to prepare.

The importance of an attorney in a health care law suit should never be underestimated. It is however important to get an attorney with experience litigating medical malpractice cases. Remember your case will not only be based on witnesses, evidence, and testimonies but also the argument presented and questions asked by a knowledgeable attorney.

Discrimination Law

no discriminationDiscrimination in the work place is another specialty of ours. No one should ever feel that they are being treated differently just because of race, sex, religion, creed,  color, or sexual orientation. But in our unfortunate world today, people still are. These reasons I just listed for discrimination are protected classes. It is illegal to discriminate or any of these protected classes. And even as advanced as our world is today, you would think we have evolved pass them. That is not the case. Every day people continue to be treated differently just because of their differences. That is what we are here to protect against. If you feel that you have been discriminated against in the work place, due to one of these reasons; give us a call and let us fight for your rights. If you have been fired due to one of these reasons, then that is a major violation of your rights. Let us help protect those rights.

If you are unsure if your rights have been violated due to one of these protected classes but you suspect you might have been. Then call us and talk to us, and let us put your mind at ease. At times it can be hard to know whether or not you have been a victim of discrimination. Let me give an example why.

I recently had a case of a woman who came to be and said that she wasn’t sure if she had been discriminated against in the work place, and fired due to it. But after we talked for about 30 minutes, and she explained everything that was going on, it was clear to me that she was targeted, and subsequently, fired due to this reason. That is not okay. She explained to me that she worked in a hospital. And the majority of the people working in her department were men. And that it very much felt like a boys club. She was given the worst of the shared duties in the department every day. She was set up for failure multiple times. And when she had fallen victim to these failures, they made comments about it being something a man would not have had a problem with, time after time, after time. Then once they had set her up enough, they fired her. She never stood a chance at that hospital.

We took her case with no money out of her pocket. We told her that we would only take a paycheck if you got compensation for this atrocity. After gathering the evidence, we made a claim on the hospital. They had no idea of what was going on within their departments. It was a very quick case. The hospital quickly wanted to settle and were very apologetic to her for what she had to endure. At the end of the day, this woman walk out of there with a 6 figure settlement check on it’s way to her.

There are cases like this one all over the place. Maybe your situation is similar. Maybe not. It could be as different as night and day. But discrimination none the less. That is what we are here to help with. Let us take your case with he compassion you need for you, and the aggressiveness required to get the best outcome for you possible. We want to help. Call us today.